Top 7 Best Yoga Mats for Traveling - Lightweight, Compact and Durable

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Doing yoga on the go can be challenging if you don’t have a plan. However, not having an adequate mat is even worse. Today we are going to introduce our picks for the top 7 best yoga mats for traveling. 

We went on to find the easiest mats to deal with when you’re packing for a trip. As it just so happens, some of these are among the best yoga mats in general. 

Once we go over our picks, we will talk about what makes these mats so great and how to chose the right one for your specific needs.

Top 7 Best Yoga Mats for Travel:


  • Super light and sustainable travel mat that is easy to live with
  • Features biodegradable, PVC free construction that makes it eco friendly all around
  • Comes with a great carry bag which is comfortable for everyday use


  • This is one of the more expensive options in the travel mat segment

Liforme Travel Yoga mat is one of the best deals in town right now. You are looking at a model that offers decent size, fairly light weight and comes in a handy carrying bag. It is a great travel companion.

Measuring 70.8″ long, 25.6″ wide and 0.07″ thick, this mat is definitely among the larger ones on our list. However, being so light pretty much nullifies all of these issues. On top of that it’s fully sustainable.

Eco friendly mats are the way go if you care about our planet and the fact that Liforme uses a biodegradable, PVC free materials should count for something. As far as light travel mats go, this one is pretty impressive.

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  • One of the largest travel mats out there that doesn't weigh a ton
  • Features a PVC free, fully eco friendly construction that makes it sustainable
  • Folds up very easily into a compact package that weighs only 3.6lbs


  • At 2mm of thickness, this is definitely not a super comfortable mat

Our next pick represents the true travel mat solution for those who are looking for the lightest package possible. Yogo Ultralight is a proper long mat that offers quite a lot of real estate despite being very light by design.
travel yoga mats you can find right now.

This bad boy is also perfectly eco friendly and is completely devoid of PVC, TPE, PU and other materials you don’t want anything to do with. What we like the most is the grip, which came in as a surprise.

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  • By far one of the lightest mats on the market
  • Easily folds up into a super compact package that's easy to carry
  • Completely eco friendly thanks to an all natural rubber construction


  • It is a very thin mat that offers only 1.5 mm of cushioning

Travel yoga mats are all about saving on weight and finding a package that’s easy to carry with you. In that sense Manduka’s eKO Superlite mat takes the cake. It’s a compact foldable mat that you can easily tuck away.

You are looking at a mat that weighs barely 2 lbs! That makes one of the lightest models on the market. Aside from that, it is also completely eco friendly. Manduka makes these from all natural, fully sustainable tree rubber.

Measuring 68 inches by 24 inches, this mat offers a decent amount of room to work out on. It also comes in a larger format for those who need a bit more. Finally, it offers plenty of good, positive grip.

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  • One of the lightest yoga mats you can get your hands on
  • Made out of all natural materials which are fully sustainable
  • A fairly large mat that offers a lot of real estate
  • Still one of the most reasonably priced options out there


  • It's quite thin so it delivers limited comfort at best

Jade Voyager is a mat designed for those who are packing extremely light. When grams turn to ounces and ounces turn to pounds, every bit of weight saving is more than welcome. This jade Voyager weighs 1.5 lbs in Total.

As far as measurements go, you’re looking at 68 inches by 24 inches mat that is some 1.6 mm thick. In other words, it offers a similar size to its competitors at a lighter weight. Furthermore, this mat grips!

Jade Voyager is eco friendly just as you’d expect. It contains no PVC or other harmful materials. Lastly, this mat comes in a variety of colors including olive green, blue and lavander. It’s definitely a great value for the money.

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  • Large mat that offers great real estate to those who need it
  • Very easy to pack into a compact size that you won't feel
  • Features one of the best looking textures in this category


  • It isn't all that light at 2.5 lbs of weight

SKL’s travel yoga mat is a proper choice for all kinds of traveling. Whether you’re backpacking or flying to your destination, this mat will pack up nicely and you won’t even feel that it’s there. It’s extremely compact when folded.

This travel mat measures some 71 inches by 26 inches. It is a 1.6 mm thick mat which comes as no surprise considering it weighs 2.5 lbs. This actually makes it among the heaviest mats on our list.

Where it redeems itself is the way it packs. SKL offers a compact travel bag for this model which packs up quite nicely. On top of that, it rolls well so you can easily attach it to a backpack too.

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  • It is a proper hot yoga mat that packs small
  • Great sweat absorption thanks to faux suede layer on top
  • Easy to maintain and fully eco friendly construction is a plus


  • It is not the lightest mat you can find for sure

Hot yoga is becoming one of the most popular forms of yoga. The question is what to get when you want to do hot yoga on the go? The answer is TOPLUS travel yoga mat! Here’s why this mat rocks.

One of the main attributes of a good hot yoga mat is its ability to wick away sweat as you go through your routine. With a quality suede layer on top, that is exactly what this mat does for you!

Weight wise, it comes in at 2.5 lbs. That’s not too bad considering its purpose and the fact that this is a full sized mat. In terms of thickness, you’re looking at 1.6 mm, making it about average.

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  • Extremely affordable mat that works rather well on longer trips
  • Made of natural latex and rubber, meaning that it's eco friendly
  • Folds up and rolls up into a pretty small package


  • Heavier than most mats of this type on the market
  • It's thicker, which could make the folding process a bit tricky occasionally

Last but not least, we have the Upplus travel yoga mat, it is a perfect budget option for those who need a light mat that folds and rolls well. It brings more or less everything you’d expect from this segment.

At its core, this is a standard two-sided mat that packs up easily. You can roll it up or fold it, whatever you prefer. The mat weighs in at 3.3 lbs, making one of the heaviest in this category.

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What to Look For in a Travel Yoga Mat?

Now that we have shown you a few of our top picks, let’s get down to figuring out what makes a good travel yoga mat. Just like it is the case with any other niche product, there will be things you’ll want to look for and things you’ll want to stay away from when searching for the right one. Our job is to help you navigate these murky waters by arming you with all the necessary information you could need. Let’s start from the top.

Size and Weight

These two things are going to be at the top of the list when it comes to requirements for a good travel mat. After all, if the mat is not light enough, and if it can’t be packed into a compact format, it isn’t really a good choice for our application, isn’t it?

The issue with traveling is that grams quickly turn to ounces and ounces turn to pounds even faster. This is especially true if you are backpacking to your destination. The last thing you need is a heavy, oversized yoga mat you can’t even fold nicely. Therefore, the very first thing to look for are models that can be easily packed into whatever luggage you plan on carrying.


Mat thickness ties directly into the whole size and weight argument. Thicker mats will be heavier on average. That much is logical. However, you also need to remember that thicker mats tend to fold harder. Actually, some will have to be rolled instead of folded. If you take a look at our short list, you will notice that most of our picks are well within the 1.5-2mm range. That is because such thickness is optimal for our intended use.

The only real issue here is recognizing that thin mats aren’t all that comfortable. If you are having trouble with comfort, chances are that you will have to compromise. Thin mats are the norm when it comes to the travel variety.

On the other hand, if you are intending on doing hot yoga, you might end up having to compromise a little. Yoga mats for hot yoga tend to be thicker mainly because they often times feature a moisture wicking layer.


Last thing we want to touch upon are materials. Most of the mats on our list are made out of eco friendly materials such as natural rubber and similar. Natural materials offer great flexibility but they are also good when it comes to providing grip. It just so happens that a lot of non slip yoga mats feature the same attributes.

There are mats that rely on PVC and other types of materials. However, yoga is an art that goes hand in hand with nature. In other words, PVC mats might be necessary for those on a tight budget, but they are generally not the first choice of your average yogi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have covered the basics of how to find a good yoga mat, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these types of mats.

What size yoga mat should I get?

This is a good question no matter what kind of mat you’re looking for but it is even more relevant within the context of this article. We say this because the size of the mat often times dictates how heavy it is going to be and hence how travel-friendly it ends up being.

The answer is quite simple. As long as the mat belongs to the travel variety and is meant for that purpose specifically, you shouldn’t run into issues. Most travel mats are thin so the additional size makes no real difference in the grand scheme of things. In other words, find the size that best fits your needs.

Are travel yoga mats beginner friendly?

Travel mats are considered to be more suitable for experienced yogi, but that doesn’t mean that beginners can’t enjoy the features and benefits these models offer. The only thing to look out for is that pesky comfort issue. Travel mats, especially the 1.5mm variety, aren’t very comfortable.

If you are just starting out and you are not still satisfied with your form, you might find these mats to be too uncomfortable. Naturally, it’s not a deal breaker because it’s much better to have a mat than not have one at all. Just food for thought. If these just don’t work for you, getting a yoga mat for beginners could be your best bet.

Can you bring yoga mat on a plane?

Believe it or not, someone asking this very question is partially why we are talking about travel mats today. Here’s the thing, standard travel mats are bulky, large and not all that suitable for air travel. Since most yogis like to bring their own mats when they are traveling, bringing a rigid mat with you on the plane used to be a real hassle.

So much so that airline companies started banning standard yoga mats from carry-on luggage. All of this prompted the invention of travel mats. If you get one of the folding yoga mats, you won’t have any problems carrying that thing on an airplane. That is literally what they were made for.

How thick of a yoga mat should I get?

This is a completely subjective thing. Travel mats don’t really leave a lot of maneuvering space in this regard. Most of them are between 1.5mm and 3mm thick. Sure, there are outliers but they are rare. The idea is to find a thickness that gives you the best comfort to compactness ratio. If you are generally finding regular yoga mats to be uncomfortable, you might want to get yourself a travel mat that is as thick as they come.

On the other hand if you are usually comfortable on just about any mat, you will have zero issues with most travel mats. That is all there is to it. People like to overly complicate simple things, but in this case just go with what feels good.

The Verdict

At the end of the day Liforme Travel yoga mat takes the cake as the winner for this category. Is it the lightest or the most compact travel mat out there? 

Not necessarily. However, the bang for the buck ratio that it offers makes it too good to ignore. On top of that, it is by far the highest quality mat on our list. If that is something you value, this mat is the one for you.

Either way, no matter which model you choose, you won’t be disappointed. We did our best to put together a proper cross section of the market and compile only the best travel mats. 

Any one of these should prove to be a great travel partner. With that said, you should have all the necessary info to make an educated decision about which model to get and why. The only thing left to do is book that trip you always wanted to to go to.