Top 7 Best Non Slip Yoga Mats - No More "Running Away"

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When you first start with yoga, the mat is just an accessory. However, as you progress with your knowledge and skill, you start to realize that mats are important.

Going one step further, you might just look at a mat as an extension of who you are. Either way, there is nothing worse than a mat that is trying to run away from you as you practice yoga.

Because of that, we’ve put together a short list of top 7 best non slip yoga mats you can find. Some of these are definitely among the best yoga mats out there.

Top 7 Best Non Slip Yoga Mats:​


  • A high end piece of equipment that features no PVC
  • Fully bio degradable which makes it eco friendly and safe for Earth
  • Large size combined with unique indexing marks makes this model very efficient


  • This is definitely not a budget friendly option at this price

If you’re going to do something, might as well do it right? That old adage still holds, especially with yoga mats. The model we got here is a top tier mat that was designed by yogis for yogis.

It is a large, non slip model that features a thickness of 4mm and exactly zero PVC. Everything you see here is bio degradable and eco friendly. As a matter of fact, that was one of Liforme’s main intentions.

The mat is larger than your average model. It also features a number of alignment markings they conveniently call ‘AlignForMe’. These will help you index your position perfectly every time. Also it comes with a high quality carrying bag that’s comfortable to use.

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  • A compact model you can carry around with no issues
  • Doubles as a towel which makes it very efficient compared to competition
  • Made out of all natural materials and recycled bottles so it's eco friendly


  • It doesn't come with a carrying bag, but rather a set of straps

Next up we have a great looking mat from YOGA DESIGN LAB. They took a slightly different approach compared to our previous pick. This mat is compact, which makes it perfect for those who travel a lot or commute to their yoga place.

It is a completely eco friendly mat. There is no PVC in it. Rather, they went with all natural rubber and microfiber materials that come from recycled bottles. Even the color used to create the awesome prints that are available, is water based.

This mat is 3.5mm thick, measures 70 inches in length and some 24 inches in width. That’s big enough to comfortably carry around, and thick enough to be comfortable no matter the surface.

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  • It is a simple yet attractive mat that appeals to minimalists
  • Features all natural materials and is a fully earth friendly mat
  • It has that extra thickness which ensures comfort no matter the surface


  • It comes with carrying straps only, which may not work for everyone

IUGA’s Pro non slip yoga mat is designed with comfort in mind. This is a fairly minimalist mat in terms of flashy graphics and similar stuff. Instead, they went with solid colors and a light texture. Speaking of colors, these are available in 5.

Aesthetics aside, what makes this mat so awesome is it’s build quality and thickness. They have used all natural rubber padded with a thin polyurethane layer. This layer gives the mat its structure and takes the moisture away.

At 72 inches by 26 inches, it is a decently sized mat. Most importantly, it is 5mm thick. The thickness of the rubber not only ensures comfort, but it also prevents the mat from moving no matter what.

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  • Features a patent pending material which is eco friendly and light
  • Offers impressive non slip properties that surpass those of PVC or rubber
  • Comes with a carrying strap, which is perfect for lugging such a light mat around


  • Some yogis may not like the texture of the mat, although it's pretty neutral

TOPLUS went with something slightly different compared to the rest of the models we’ve shown you today. Instead of using the standard rubber and natural fiber combo, they went with a whole new eco friendly material that is fairly unknown.

Whatever it is that they used to make this mat, it’s really solid. One of the main benefits of the patent pending material is its non-slip property. Needless to say, this mat stays put once you start going through your routine.

The overall package is very lightweight, but 6mm thick which makes it one of the thickest mats on the market. If you are looking for something that is comfortable no matter where you’re doing your daily yoga, this is it.

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  • Made out of a new eco friendly material called TPE
  • Features robust build quality that inspires confidence in the long run
  • It is 6mm thick, which gives it good cushioning abilities no matter the surface


  • Comes only in solid colors which is somewhat below standard

Trying to find something that is affordable, eco friendly and actually efficient used to be really hard. But not anymore thanks to companies such as Heathyoga. Made out of TPE, this mat offers the performance you are definitely looking for.

It is an eco friendly package that is 6mm thick and measures 72″x 26″. Overall, this is the best bang for the buck option on the market right now. Heathyoga offers these in various colors with decent carrying straps,.

As far as slipping goes, you have nothing to worry about with this model. It comes with textured back that is going nowhere. The top features similar textures as well, so you get the benefit of all the grip too.

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  • A super simple design which appeals to the minimalist crowd
  • Comes at a very competitive price, making it a great deal
  • It features relatively good non slip properties all things considered


  • One color option may put off those more demanding users

To an outside observer, what Trideer does probably looks like magic They have managed to put together a mat that is both cheap and durable. It is 6mm thick and runs 69″ long and 24″ wide which makes it average.

The mat comes in just one pattern, so if you’re into custom or rare patterns, you might be disappointed. However, you can’t really complain at this price. Trideer ships these mats at ridiculously competitive prices compared to their main competition.

As far as material goes, it is a non slip, high density package that offers decent grip. It’s not the best non slip mat out there, but you will hardly find something considerably better at such a low price point.

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  • One of the most affordable options on the market right now
  • Features decent build quality with a good texture on top and bottom
  • Comes with a functional yet simple carrying strap as standard


  • It is not the most durable piece of equipment out there for sure

Here’s a question. What do you do if you are pretty limited by your budget? Chances are that you’ll want to find something that is affordable but efficient at the same time. Something like this mat from BalanceFrom’s basic lineup.

The mat itself is an epitome of simplicity. It is 6mm thick, runs 68″ by 24″ and comes in solid colors. Is it attractive? Not really. But it definitely does work. Also it comes complete with a functional carrying strap.

The best thing about this mat is the price. You’re looking at an affordable solution for beginners or budget users who want the non slip performance. Overall, it’s a great mat to start on, or a keep as a backup.

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How To Choose the Best Non Slip Mat for Your Needs?

Your journey to happiness and tranquility starts on the mat you will spend most of your time on. There is that one unwritten rule when it comes to purchasing mats. It’s a universal rule that states that you shouldn’t save on anything that separates you from the ground.

This goes for beds, shoes, tires and also yoga mats. That being said, how do you know that you investment will pan out? How do you find the perfect non slip mat for yourself? We will take into consideration a few factors and discuss each individually.


Like it or not, price is often one the best indicators of what you’re getting, especially with stuff such as yoga mats. It is quite simple really. 

The more you are willing to spend on a mat, the better its performance will be in most cases. Should everyone get the most expensive mat? Probably not. For example, those just starting out should probably look at some of the proven yoga mats for beginners.

With that said, investing in a good mat is a surefire way to enjoy your yoga experience to the fullest. Because of that, we strongly advise you to be realistic with your budget and get the best mat you can afford. It will save you a lot of trouble down the road.


Size is the first actual metric you need to pay attention to. We are all different. Some of us are tall, some aren’t. Some are large, some are small. 

Either way, you should make sure that the mat you’re getting fits your body well. Especially since we are talking about non slip mats. A small non slip mat will be of limited use to a larger person.

So much so that its non slip performance might suffer. before you go crazy with size, make sure that you can deal with the folded mat if you plan on carrying it to and from class fairly frequently. This is also true if you are looking for a good yoga mat for traveling.

Hot or Regular Yoga?

One of the trademarks of non slip mats is their often times thick, rubber material covered with some sort of comfort layer. The issue here is that not all mats were designed to work with both hot and regular yoga.

The ones we have listed above are divided in this regard as well. Some are great with wicking away moisture, but others definitely aren’t. So before you go ahead and order a mat, make sure that it’s suitable for hot yoga if that’s what you’re planing on doing.

Materials and Thickness

Materials can be an important factor for those who appreciate Mother Earth and want to keep her safe. Not all mats are made out of eco friendly stuff, so keep your eyes open for that. 

There are plenty of PVC models out there, which may work fine but will eventually cause issues with the environment. If you are eco conscious, make sure to find mats that fit an eco friendly category.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat FAQ

Now that we know a bit about non slip mats and how to find one, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people come up with.

What Is the Ideal Thickness of a Non Slip Yoga Mat?

Yoga mat thickness is a double edged sword. While your gut instinct might tell you to go with a very thick one, chances are that isn’t in your best interest. 

The idea is that the thicker the mat, less stability you have during your class. On the other hand, if you go with something that is too thin, you will be uncomfortable all the time. It is arguable that 4mm is about as close as you can get to a golden middle.

Ultimately, this is a very subjective thing. If you feel like you are not getting enough support during more demanding positions, try something that’s a bit thinner. On the other hand, if you are just hating life because you can’t find a comfort, do yourself a favor and find something thicker.

How do I Prevent My Mat from Slipping?

One of the easiest things you can do is to get a non slip mat. It is a cheeky answer but it’s also the only one that will give you the results you need. 

Trying to make a regular mat stop slipping is hard. Even if you somehow make it, chances are that whatever solution you have found is a temporary one at best. Do yourself a favor and a get a quality non slip mat from a reputable brand. Pretty much anything on our list will do just fine.

What Material Is the Best For Non Slip Mats?

We have already discussed materials a bit, but this question has to be answered properly. As far as materials go, TPE is currently all the rage. 

It is an eco friendly material that you can use recycle without damaging the environment. However, it’s not the most durable thing out there. If you want something that won’t fall apart on you, PVC is unfortunately your best shot as of now. 

These are the two extremes and everything between them is more or less the same.

Can Sweat Damage My Yoga Mat?

Sweating is a natural part of performing yoga. However, not all mats are designed to deal with sweat. If you plan on doing hot yoga or just long and demanding sessions, you might want to look into mats that were designed to wick the sweat away.

Otherwise, you will be forced to wipe the sweat with a towel or some other method.

The Verdict

Overall, non slip mats make perfect sense if you are going for more demanding positions. They say that you can’t make a good home on a flimsy foundation. Same goes for yoga. 

Unless you’re stable, comfortable and at peace, you won’t be able to reach your fullest potential. This short list of great non slip mats was put together in an effort to give you all of the options you could need.

It includes some of the more expensive mats, but also a number of models which fall within the affordable category. The key is finding a mat that works for your specific needs. 

We have given you the resources you need to find such a mat, so all you have to do is put down your needs and match them with a mat that fits the description. Investing in a solid mat is the best thing you can do.