Top 7 Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga - Getting Ready For a Sauna Experience

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To a layman, hot yoga might sound like a tiresome sauna experience. So what are we talking about here? The truth is, it’s way more fun, engaging, and of course, healthy. If you’ve just discovered the world of hot yoga and are looking for the best yoga mats for the occasion, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve taken a look at the catalogs of some of the most famous brands making yoga mats, such as Manduka, Iuga, Healthyoga, and such, and so we’ve made up this list of the best yoga mats in this category.

After going through the reviews, make sure to check out our buying guide and the Frequently Asked Questions sections. Let’s do this!

Top 7 Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga:​


  • Superior durability due to the premium quality leather construction
  • Eco friendly design
  • Adequate cushioning, perfect for hot yoga
  • Big, but easy to clean


  • Quite expensive
  • This yoga mat weighs 5 pounds, which is rather heavy for a hot yoga mat

Let’s start off with the S.W.E.T. hot yoga mat. There are a couple of reasons why this particular model stands out from the rest. Firstly, it’s among the most durable yoga mats you’ll find on the market, regardless of the price range. It was made of PU leather material, so it’s safe to assume that it will survive years, if not decades of use.

Secondly, it sports a wide array of convenient features, such as the anti-bacterial moisture-wicking texture, the central line which helps with numerous exercises. And to top it all off, this product is completely eco friendly. It measures 72 inches by 24 inches and is only 2 mm thick.

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  • Closed-cell construction and moisture-wicking texture
  • Very comfortable due to optimal thickness
  • Fairly robust and durable


  • Slightly heavier than an average yoga mat
  • Washing it with water will damage the mat

Next up is Manduka’s X Yoga mat. Essentially, Manduka is one of the bigger names in the yoga mat industry, so it’s only natural that the X yoga mat is right near the top.

This particular yoga mat was tailor-made for hot yoga because it sports hygienic closed-cell construction. This feature, complemented by the moisture wicking texture, ensures that you won’t see or feel any sweat on it after the class is done. It measures 71 inches by 24 inches and is 5 mm thick, and its dry grip is firm and reliable.

In terms of maintenance, this mat is absolutely phenomenal. It should not be submerged in water, rather you can just wipe it off and it will be as good as new. On a side note, it’s available in three different colors.

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  • Odorless and moisture-wicking build material
  • Weighs only 2,5 pounds
  • Completely eco friendly yoga mat
  • Superb comfort rating and great cushioning


  • Clearly visible scuff marks when switching poses
  • Quite expensive

Iuga’s Pro yoga mat is next on our list. In short, it’s a big, but lightweight mat made of eco-friendly materials. It measures 72 inches by 26 inches and rocks a 5 mm cushion base. The latter is exceptionally important for hot yoga, as it provides a substantial boost to comfort.

Weighing only 2,5 pounds means that it’s also a good choice if you’re looking to get a good yoga mat for travelling. It costs quite a bit, but it’s very durable and exquisitely comfortable to use. Lastly, it’s available in five color variations if you’re interested in aesthetics. This is a great mat for people who don’t mind paying extra for premium quality.

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  • Great for both beginners and experienced yogis
  • Exceptionally sturdy and robust
  • Available in six different colors
  • Eco friendly build
  • Lightweight


  • Due to its delicate texture, you might spot a crack or two after a couple of months

Heathyoga’s ProGrip is another yoga mat specifically made for hot yoga. It’s made of polyurethane non-slip materials and packs dimensions measuring 72 inches by 26 inches. It’s only 5 mm thick and weighs just 3 pounds.

So, it’s a big mat that doesn’t weigh particularly much, but its real benefits are that it’s completely smell-free, eco friendly, and comes supplied with the alignment lines feature.

Not only is this yoga mat durable, but it’s also very easy to clean due to its specific kind of construction. Unlike many moisture-repelling mats, this one won’t get damaged by water. Overall, it does cost slightly more than an average mat, but it clearly provides a set of substantial benefits.

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  • Among the lightest yoga mats available on the market
  • Comes in sixteen color options
  • Absorbs sweat and other liquids with ease


  • Less cushioning means less support for the joints

Yoga Design Lab’s hot yoga towel is truly a piece of art. In terms of aesthetics, it looks absolutely wonderful and comes available in sixteen different color options.

Performance wise, it sports a non-slip grip, it’s made of eco friendly microfiber materials, and it’s fairly lightweight, weighing barely a pound. On another hand, it’s drastically thinner than most average yoga mats, so there’s slightly less cushioning.

Nevertheless, Yoga Design Lab’s mat is among the best yoga mats for hot yoga simply due to the fact that it’s extremely light, beautiful, and highly comfortable to use. Due to its microfiber build, it’s also very easy to clean.

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  • Exquisite 2-in-1 TPE coated surface
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Available in four different colors
  • Large and light


  • Even though it does absorb moisture, the same can’t be said about the odors
We’ve taken a gander at Heathyoga’s catalog and plucked out the Synergy mat. Apart from looking quite stunning, this mat boasts a 2-in-1 design. What this means is that it sports a crystal-coated microfiber texture layered with Thermoplastic Elastomers. In plain words, its non-slip properties are almost unparalleled.It measures 72 inches by 26 inches and weighs only 3 pounds, so even though it’s fairly big, it’s lightweight. Moreover, the moisture resistance of this yoga mat is beyond great. The TPE layers almost completely absorb the sweat and any other form of liquids.
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  • Super cheap
  • Tight grip, non-slip texture
  • Dries quick, absorbs liquids with ease
  • Decently big and light


  • This microfiber type is slightly less comfortable than average
  • Mediocre durability (prone to wear and tear)
Finally, we’re presenting to you Youphoria’s Hot Yoga towel. Skid-less and anti slippery, this towel is exceptionally absorbent and dries rapidly. It measures 72 by 24 inches and it’s super light, and it comes in numerous color variations.Even though this particular type of microfiber isn’t the single most comfortable material out there, it’s very plushy and offers great support to the joints. Furthermore, this is a very cheap yoga towel, making it a good option for yoga beginners.
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What to Look for in Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga?

Let’s start off by saying that not just any kind of mat will do the trick if you’re looking to focus on hot yoga. Due to the fact that people who exercise hot yoga sweat excessively, you will need a special mat with certain characteristics. Let’s dig in!

Moisture-Wicking Properties

The first thing you absolutely need to make sure that your mat for hot yoga has is some sort of moisture-wicking, liquid-absorbing, or liquid-resistant element. There are differences between the three with ‘absorbing’ elements being superior, ‘wicking’ being in the middle, and ‘resistant’ being inferior.

A liquid-absorbing mat is ideal for hot yoga because it will not get worn and torn by sweat (and similar liquids), but it’s also fairly easy to clean as it can be washed with water. Moisture-wicking mats are generally resistant to sweat, but in most cases the odor remains in them.

Lastly, moisture-resistant mats are somewhat resistant to sweat, which means that they wear down the fastest.

Comfort Rating

As soon as you attend your first hot yoga class, you will drastically change the way you ever perceived ‘comfort’. Combine sauna-like heats with excruciatingly fatiguing exercises and you’ll get hot yoga in a nutshell.

Because of that, it’s very important to help yourself with as much ‘comfort boost’ as you possibly can. Getting a comfortable mat should be a good place to start.

Now, the reason why that is a tricky thing is because hot yoga mats are generally made of different materials in comparison to standard yoga mats. The plush-like ones are out of the picture because they will get easily drenched in sweat in mere minutes, so your obvious alternatives are microfiber and polyurethane leather.

Arguably, the materials used to make hot yoga materials, by default aren’t overly comfortable. You should look to find a good compromise through optimal cushioning, thickness, and, of course, the material that feels good for you specifically.

Some people like the feeling of leather while others find it as too sticky. Some people think that microfiber tends to feel itchy after a while, others quite like it.

Maintenance Process

In addition to being made of different materials and sporting a different set of features, hot yoga mats are also a bit more expensive.

Knowing this, every mat you buy should be an investment that should ideally last for at least a couple of months. So, how does this tie to the maintenance process?

Basically, hot yoga mats suffer more punishment. The humidity and heat of the room where hot yoga is taking places is enough to make cracks on standard yoga mats on its own, so add gallons of sweat on top and you’ll get the picture.

This means that you’ll need a maintainable hot yoga mat. Some models can’t be washed with water at all, which might make the situation even more complicated. Other models come with specialized ‘cleaning tools’.

It’s best to inquire about the maintenance process about the model you’re interested in. ‘Can it be washed, do the odors stick to it, are there any special tools to maintain it’.

Extra Features and Accessories

The ‘extra features and accessories’ are basically various features often considered as complementary or gratis. Alternatively, those are features that are unique to each specific brand and model.

For example, the S.W.E.T. PU Leather hot yoga mat is designed with balancing lines that help out with dozens of exercises, the Youphoria’s Hot Yoga towel packs anti-microbial quick-drying microfiber top layer, and such.

On the flip side, there are models that come supplied with complementary carry straps or specialized tools for cleaning and maintenance. These bonuses, however small they might be in certain cases, add a lot of value to some mats.

Frequently asked questions

What is hot yoga?

Basically, hot yoga is not a special ‘type’ of yoga exercise (or group of exercises), rather it’s just a different environment in which yogis practice yoga. Speaking of types, there are numerous different hot yoga types, Bikram being the most famous one.

Many people think that Bikram and hot yoga are synonymous, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Firstly, both of these yoga types are comprised of the identical poses and breathing exercises, but not all of these exercises need to be performed in the same order.

So, the main principle of hot yoga is that it yogis perform it in a warm, humid environment. Typically, the rooms are supposed to be heated up to some 105 degrees of Fahrenheit (or 40 degrees of Celsius).

The basic idea behind such rough environment is to stimulate the heart rate as the exercises (poses) are performed. Each pose requires a lengthy and sustained contraction of most of the muscle groups.

Most yoga instructors point out that this form of yoga isn’t for exactly everyone. People who suffer from chronic heart conditions and fatigue should consult with their doctor before trying it out.

How is a hot yoga mat different from a standard yoga mat?

Essentially, the main difference between a hot yoga mat and a standard yoga mat is that the former absolutely needs to have liquid-absorbing properties while the latter doesn’t. Casual yoga exercises and poses aren’t nearly as fatiguing and straining on the body, so most yogis will not sweat as much.

On another hand, yogis who exercise hot yoga begin sweating the moment they enter the designated room for it (like we mentioned, the temperatures are quite hellish). 

Simply due to that reason, a normal yoga mat will easily wear and tear in mere weeks if used in such environments, not to mention that you’ll hardly be able to get rid of the odors.

My hot yoga mat is starting to show cracks even though it’s been in use for only a week. What happened?

There are many possible answers, but the thing that most likely happened is that you bought a standard yoga mat and used it as a hot yoga mat. One of the main reasons why we accentuate the fact that specialized yoga mats are a must have for hot yoga is precisely because regular mats crack, wear, and tear rapidly if used in such conditions.

Why should (or shouldn’t) I rent a hot yoga mat?

Basically, most yoga classes will offer you to rent out their mats if you’re a beginner and you don’t have your own. Under normal circumstances, this is a very good idea, as obviously, you can’t perform dozens of exercises without one.

However, the situation is drastically different when we’re talking about hot yoga. Namely, even though most gyms clean their mats on a regular basis, there’s still a chance that some aren’t as thoroughly cleaned.

Hot yoga means a lot of sweating, so basically, you’ll be using a mat that dozens of people have used before you. So, generally, renting out a mat for hot yoga is not exactly the thing you should be considering.

The Verdict

Before we pull the curtains down, let’s talk a bit about the winner of out little best mats for hot yoga contest here. Even though all of the models you’ve seen in the section above are great, S.W.E.T. PU Leather hot yoga mat is slightly better than most.

First and foremost, this is the most well-rounded yoga mat for hot yoga you’ll find in for the money. It’s made of some of the sturdiest leather materials, its size and weight are perfect, and it offers plenty in terms of comfort.

The Polyurethane leather construction sports unmatched moisture-wicking properties, and that’s the first thing you need out of a hot yoga mat. Even if you liked it as much as we did, do make sure to check out our other suggestions so as to not miss out on great deals and bargains.