Top 10 Best Yoga Mats - A Detailed Look On What You Can Find On The Market

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Yoga is gaining popularity rapidly these days, and it’s only natural that you’ve caught wind of it as well. There’s a lot of marketing behind this wonderful lifestyle choice, especially in the era where health issues are given a bit more thought than before. 

It’s only natural that you’ve heard about various gyms where yoga classes are held, but have you informed yourself well enough on the ‘tools of the trade’ – mats?

If not, you’re just in the right place. We’ve made a list of the best yoga mats you can find on the market. We’ve taken out the best picks from each category, so regardless of whether you’re looking for a yoga mat for hot yoga, bad knees, sweaty hands or cheap yoga mats, there’s a high chance you will find it here. 

Without any further ado, let’s see the list of the best yoga mats:

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats:


  • An absolute bang for the buck champion in this category
  • Features an anti-slip, antimicrobial layer that offers healthy grip at all times
  • 6mm of thickness makes it one of the most comfortable models out there


  • These come across as bland compared to others in terms of aesthetics

Let’s start off our review with Youphoria’s yoga mat. It’s one of the best yoga mats for beginners you could find for the money, not to mention that it’s quite affordable.

This mat comes in three different color variations, it measures 72 inches by 24 inches, and it’s surprisingly light for its size, weighing only 2,5 pounds. Furthermore, it packs anti-microbial and liquid absorbent properties, so it’s also great for hot yoga as well.

Many people love the fact that Youphoria’s yoga mat doesn’t leave behind any odors, and to top it all, it’s very easy to clean and maintain it. This yoga mat is certainly among the best yoga mats on the market because it sports a huge level of versatility. It can be used for all types of yoga and Pilates due to its incredible liquid absorbent properties.

Apart from being pretty affordable, there’s huge value to Youphoria’s yoga mat because you will also get a complementary sling as a bonus feature. We suggest that you try it out, especially if you’re just beginning to get familiar with the big, beautiful world of yoga.

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  • Superior durability due to the premium quality leather construction
  • Eco friendly design
  • Adequate cushioning, perfect for hot yoga
  • Big, but easy to clean


  • Quite expensive
  • This yoga mat weighs 5 pounds, which is rather heavy for a hot yoga mat

Essentially, hot yoga is one of the most fatiguing forms of yoga. Exceptionally hot and humid environment is what makes it so hard for new yogis, but even so the rewards are great. However, you can’t participate in a hot yoga class with your average ‘standard’ yoga mat, you’ll need a special one.

The S.W.E.T.’s PU leather mat is easily one of the best Yoga Mats for hot yoga in the price range. It was specifically made for hot yoga as it sports ultra durable Poly-urethane leather construction. Its durability is unparalleled, so you can rest assured that it will last you for months, if not years to come.

The PU leather also boasts a very grippy surface. It will remain in place despite of all the sweat that’s pouring from all sides. Speaking of which, S.W.E.T.’s PU leather hot yoga mat rocks outstanding liquid absorbent properties. This mat repels the sweat and lingering odors will not be a problem for you.

Even though it does cost a bit more than an average yoga mat, this model is absolutely fantastic and excels in pretty much every field of performance.

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  • Very convenient for beginner yogis as it sports dozens of illustrated yoga poses
  • Smaller than average size, but very light and easy to maintain
  • Available in six different color variations
  • Non slip surface


  • Most beneficial for beginners, not so great for experienced yogis

If you are looking for Cheap Yoga mats, we have something special for you. In most cases, inexpensive mats are flimsy, or they are simply terrible in terms of maintenance. This time around, we’ve found a mat that’s durable, easy to clean, and in fact, it’s absolutely perfect for beginners too.

The NewMe Fitness instructional yoga mat is your all-in-one mat in the budget price point category. It comes in numerous color options, including black, blue, green, orange, pink, and violet. Your color choice is quite important this time around, as this mat features illustrated yoga pose prints, so for example, the green one makes the illustrations hard to see while the black color option does the opposite.

Apart from being ideal for beginners, this is genuinely great mat that comes supplied with great features, such as ideal thickness for both Pilates and yoga (0,5 inches) and a non-slip surface. It measures 68 inches by 24 inches which means that it’s a bit smaller than average. That also means that it doesn’t weigh too much and that it’s very convenient in terms of storage.

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  • A high end piece of equipment that features no PVC
  • Fully bio degradable which makes it eco friendly and safe for Earth
  • Large size combined with unique indexing marks makes this model very efficient


  • This is definitely not a budget friendly option at this price

Experienced yogis probably remember the challenges they faced early on in terms of using low quality mats, such as the mat not sticking to the surface properly, the odor lingering in it, and basically, the mat not being comfortable enough for certain poses.

Knowing this, many yoga mat manufacturers stepped in to combat this issue. The Liforme is one of them, and the model we are looking at is probably one of the best non slip yoga mats out there.

This particular model features the exquisite ‘GripForMe’ technology, making it on of the grippiest yoga mat on the market. Furthermore, Liforme also introduces the ‘AlignForMe’ feature in terms of alignment lines. It greatly helps out both beginner and experienced yogis achieve proper posture while transitioning from one form to the other.

This mat measures 72,8 inches by 26,8 inches, but what makes it so great for experienced yogis is the fact that it’s only 0,16 inches thick. This, however, means that Liforme’s yoga mat is not so great for Pilates.

We should also mention that this is by all means not a cheap yoga mat. We recommend it for experienced yogis that are looking to upgrade their old yoga mat into something that delivers the ultimate yoga experience.

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  • Super light and sustainable travel mat that is easy to live with
  • Features biodegradable, PVC free construction that makes it eco friendly all around
  • Comes with a great carry bag which is comfortable for everyday use


  • This is one of the more expensive options in the travel mat segment

While packing your bags right before travelling there are all sorts of things you have to keep in mind, especially if you’re bringing something bulky such as a yoga mat with you. In fact, a standard yoga mat is usually too big to fit in any conventional bag, so you’ll often have to buy a strap and carry it separately. Luckly, there are special ‘yoga mats for travel’ that were purposefully designed for travelling yogis.

Such would be Liforme’s Travel yoga mat. It packs all the technologies like our previous pick (such as GripForMe and AlignForMe) which bring about the benefits of ultra grippy surface and ideal alignment between poses, but that’s not everything it brings to the table.

This travel mat measures 70,8 inches by 25,6 inches, so it’s slightly smaller than Liforme’s ‘standard’ yoga mat. Additionally, it’s only 0,07 inches thick, which means that it’s significantly easier to roll up and pack up.

Another thing that makes Liforme’s travel yoga mat so great for travelling yogis is the fact that it comes with a complementary carrying bag which was specifically designed for it. Without any doubt, this model is one of the best Yoga mats for travelling for the buck.

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  • Designed for hot yoga which makes it perfect for sweaty hands
  • Made out of eco friendly materials that protect the environment
  • 3.5mm thickness makes it among the most comfortable mats out there.


  • Not the most affordable option you can find right now

Doing yoga exercises with sweaty hands is very challenging. Numerous poses require absolute stability, and that comes hard if the yogi’s hands are all slippery. Luckily, there are plenty of Yoga mats for sweaty hands that were purposefully designed to help people with this peculiar problem.

A great example of a remarkable yoga mat with such qualities is Yoga Design Lab combo yoga mat. It’s basically a bundle comprised of a high quality non-slip mat and a towel in one. In essence, the grippy mat is complemented with the integrated towel along with exceptional liquid absorbent properties. This means that the mat will remain stuck onto the floor while the towel part aims to help your hands be less slippery and more stable while you’re shifting between yoga poses.

This mat measures 70 inches by 24 inches and offers plenty of support with great cushioning. Furthermore, it’s made of eco friendly microfiber materials derived from recycled bottles. It’s also very easy to maintain.

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  • One of the thickest mats available on the market
  • Features good quality materials and robust construction that lasts
  • Folds up for easier storage when not in use and features carry handles


  • It is not really an affordable mat by any means
  • It is not the best model for those who need a portable mat

More and more people take up yoga classes because they have some sort of health issue. More specifically speaking, people with bad knees take up on yoga as a form of therapeutic treatment. However, there are people with chronic conditions that simply can’t use just any kind of mat. If you’re struggling with a lot of pain coming from your knees while you’re doing yoga, there’s a high chance that your mat doesn’t offer enough cushioning and support.

After sifting through hundreds of different yoga mats, we’ve come across one of the finest Yoga mats for bad knees made by Ultimate Body Press.

It measures 3 feet by 6,4 inches with 2 inches of thickness, making it the largest yoga mat in our selection. Though it does weigh quite a bit, it comes outfitted with handles on each side, so it’s pretty safe to say that it’s compact despite its size. Additionally, the mat is split into four foldable pieces, making it travel-friendly.

In terms of build materials, the Ultimate Body Press yoga mat is made of exceptionally thick vinyl. It provides unparalleled cushioning and support. Best of all, it’s also one of the most comfortable mats you’ll ever use. The high-density foam stuffed into the core makes it very plushy as well.

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Honorable Mentions:


  • A great bang for the buck option for those on a limited budget
  • 1 inch thickness makes it just right for most applications
  • Comes in a variety of different colors for that aesthetic value


  • It falls within the most basic models on the market

There are many people who take both Yoga and Pilates classes. In such a scenario, those people need to have a decently versatile mat, as there are several differences between such classes. For example, the one requires a very thin while the other demands a very thick mat.

We’ve found compromise in Incline Fit’s Exercise mat. It’s labeled as ‘extra thick’, but being only 1 inch thick means that it’s actually thinner than Ultimate Body Press’ model.

Regardless, this mat has incredibly great cushioning and it’s pretty big. Furthermore, it features integrated strap system which makes packing it really easy.

The Incline Fit Exercise Mat also sports a huge level of durability. It was obviously built to last, and it holds quite a value for the cash.

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  • By far one of the lightest mats on the market
  • Easily folds up into a super compact package that's easy to carry
  • Completely eco friendly thanks to an all natural rubber construction


  • It is a very thin mat that offers only 1.5 mm of cushioning

Manduka’s Ekolite yoga mat is on the opposite side of the spectrum – it’s ultra thin with only 0,17 inches of thickness. Now, most people think that the thicker the mat is, the more comfortable it is to use. That’s not necessarily true. This mat was made from incredibly plushy rubber material that provides a very grippy surface.

Essentially, this is a mat for people who are looking for a lightweight, easy maintenance mat. It brings plenty of benefits to the table, including the sticky non-slip surface, it wicks away the odor pretty easily, and it’s perfect for travelling yogis as well.

Of course, being so thin makes it very impractical for Pilates, so for as long as you use it for yoga exclusively you should do alright.

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  • A super simple design which appeals to the minimalist crowd
  • Comes at a very competitive price, making it a great deal
  • It features relatively good non slip properties all things considered


  • One color option may put off those more demanding users
We’re wrapping it up with Arc Fitness Project’ non-slip yoga mat. Essentially, we’ve seen plenty of non-slip yoga mats, but this one is quite different.Basically, the Arc Fitness Project yoga mat combines the benefits of multiple mat categories. First and foremost, it’s perfect for people with sweaty hands because it boasts sweat absorbent properties. Furthermore, it almost completely nullifies the odors that manage to get by its defenses.Secondly, this is a formidable non-slip yoga mat. It’s very grippy and it packs a wave shaped design that ensures it remains in place at all times. Furthermore, this mat also packs laser engraved alignment lines, making it absolutely perfect for beginners.Unfortunately, being so good at absorbing liquids makes it a bit tougher to clean. You’ll need to apply a solution of vinegar and water because plain water wouldn’t do much. Other than that, it’s quite easy to care for generally.In terms of durability, it’s made of premium quality Polyurethane which is completely free of silicone, phosphates, PVC, and latex.
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Category Breakdown

Taking your first steps into the world of yoga is a wonderful experience. The first couple of classes are in most cases very exciting, such is always the case with new hobbies, but you probably won’t know anything about yoga gear in general when you step into the gym.

You can always get a cheap, expendable mat for your first class where your instructor will tell the class what kind of a mat you should get, but you can also be a bit procreative and get a beginner’s mat yourself.

In order to narrow down the object of your search you should look for inexpensive mats at first. Of course, there will be many low-quality models that are cheap because they don’t offer much in terms of performance, but there are also many high-quality models that are cheap because they’re intended for beginners.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your mat, a great example of it is the NewMe Fitness’ Instructional Yoga mat. In fact, we dub it as one of the best yoga mats for beginners as it features very convenient illustrations of 70 yoga poses.

Hot yoga is basically a sub-type of yoga. Essentially, it usually consists of the same poses, but the environment in which they’re performed is substantially different. Most notably, hot yoga is called like that because it’s taking place in a very humid and hot room.

The sheer purpose of it is to cause sweating, which is the reason why you’ll need a special mat for hot yoga exclusively. Most standard yoga mats have a form of protection against liquids, but more often than not, this protection is in the form of ‘resistance’.

For hot yoga, you will need a mat that is capable of absorbing your sweat for long periods of time. A standard mat will simply get drenched in it, after which it will lose most of its non-slip properties. On another hand, you should also try to find a mat that repels the odors away.

Generally speaking, a vast majority of yoga mats are relatively cheap. Of course, there are also models that are pretty expensive, the ones that cost way above $100. 

Even so, many people, especially beginner yogis, are interested in knowing whether or not cheap mats have any value to them. Simply put, a cheap mat can perform great, if you know how to pick a good one that is.

Certain mats are cheap simply because they’re smaller. Obviously, less material was used in the manufacturing process, so the price is lower in turn. Alternatively, mats of inferior durability are usually made of cheaper materials, but those shouldn’t be taken into consideration. Thirdly, there are mats that are cheap because the brand actually wanted to sell it cheap.

A great example of a phenomenal cheap yoga mat is BalanceFrom GoYoga yoga mat. Evidently, this particular model doesn’t have any outstanding features nor does it possess any form of exceptional qualities, but it’s still great for the price. 

Don’t be surprised to find pretty solid models that actually even come with complementary features, such as a carry strap you’d otherwise have to pay for.

At the end of the day, cheap mats are pretty valuable for beginners and for people who are on a tight budget. Check out our selection of the best cheap yoga mats for a brief overview of some of the finest models in that particular price range.

The situation with non-slip yoga mats is relatively similar as with hot yoga mats. There are certain situations where the stickiness of a mat is not enough for it to remain in place.

Let’s put it this way, many gyms aren’t specifically designed for yoga exclusively. There are usually other groups that train different sports or hobbies, so the interior of each gym is quite different.

Certain gyms have very slippery, polished floors in which case using a regular yoga mat will feel as if you were using a regular towel. It will constantly slip away from you, so concentrating on your poses will be quite challenging. In such cases, getting a non-slip yoga mat is highly recommendable.

You’d be surprised to find how many people got in love with yoga to that point where they exercise it wherever they are. If that’s the case with you, it’s probably time to consider getting a more compact mat if you don’t want to sacrifice your storage space any longer.

Essentially, yoga mats are bulky, regardless of their size. Packing a mat in your bag is either impossible or it ends up taking half of your space. That’s the reason why so many people opt for yoga mats that were specifically designed for travelling yogis.

This category, however, consists of a couple of sub-categories. The first sub-category is comprised of ultra-thin mats that actually become very small when you roll them up. 

These ultra-thin mats are usually also very light in terms of weight. The second category are mats that are usually of average size, but they come with carry bags, slings, or with integrated strapping systems.

Regardless of what travel yoga mat category you opt for, they exist to help you plan your packing better. If you’re carrying several bags, it’s better to simply roll up your ultra-thin mat and pack it with the rest of your belongings. Alternatively, if you’re packing light, carrying your mat on a sling seems like a great idea.

People who are suffering from knee pain or any other similar form of ailment often take up yoga for its therapeutic effects. Doing yoga is great for body and mind, but not everyone knows that there are special types of yoga mats for people who suffer from knee pain.

The biggest factor that determines the quality of such yoga mats is comfort rating (which is broken down into cushioning and support). 

Many yoga poses require you to be on your knees, such as for example the vast majority of lunge positions. By using a yoga mat that’s a bit thicker and filled with special foam materials, you won’t feel as much pain as you transition from one pose to another.

How To Choose The Best Mat For You

There are several different categories of yoga mats, so it’s only natural that each category has a different set of criteria.

If your budget is tight and you’re looking for an affordable yoga mat, obviously the first thing that will interest you is the price. If you’re having problems with sweaty hands, you’ll need to look for special liquid-absorbing mats, and so on.

What we aim to accomplish with this guide is to help you understand the universal qualities the best yoga mats need to possess if we are to label them as ‘the best’ of the best. Without any ado, let’s get straight to it.


Obviously, it’s in everyone’s best interest to grab a bargain if there’s one. Saving up as much cash as you can whenever you can is always a positive thing. 

However, there are people who don’t mind paying over $200 for their new mat, but there are also people who don’t want to invest as much as $30 because they don’t yet know if they’re going to continue with yoga classes.

That being said, it’s important that you search for a mat that’s within your price point category. If you’re new or low on cash, you should look for the best cheap yoga mats, those usually don’t cost above $30.

There is a big misconception about cheap yoga mats, and that’s one of the reasons why we think price is one of the governing factors. 

Even though they get the job done, that’s about it – don’t expect to have a full experience with them. The real yoga actually starts when you decide you want to invest in it. More expensive mats are generally more comfortable, durable, and offer a plethora of different benefits to the table.


Once you’ve decided on the money you are willing to invest in your yoga mat, it’s imperative that your investment isn’t fruitless. Plainly put, your mat won’t be of any use if it rips in a week or so. However, that’s not such a common scenario.

It’s way more common to see a mat starting to crack up. Once it does, it won’t become completely useless, but the spots where cracks appear won’t feel as comfortable to the skin, plus those are the places where the mat will eventually rip and tear.

Knowing which materials are regarded as durable is very important here. For example, one of the most durable yoga mat materials is Polyurethane leather. 

It’s not as rigid as standard industrial leather, but it does contribute to the stickiness of the mat’s surface. Alternatively, most rubber-based materials are totally fine, for as long as they’re Latex-free, of course.

Comfort Rating

Simply put, is an uncomfortable yoga mat any good? The answer is more than obvious. You will be doing the majority of exercises on this mat, so regardless of how good it looks or how inexpensive it was when you bought it, you will eventually drop out of yoga if you don’t feel good on the mat you’re using.

You might think you’ll get used to it, but in truth, getting accustomed to something that’s genuinely uncomfortable isn’t the smartest choice.

A comfortable mat provides you with good cushioning and support. Alternatively, there’s a special category of yoga mats that offer even more support than usual – the yoga mats for bad knees.

Intended Use

Another important factor to consider is intended use. There are yoga mats for beginners, for home use, but there are also mats for people with sweaty hands and for people with bad knees.

Additionally, you should also take into consideration where you will be using your mat. If the gym where you’re taking yoga classes features any sort of carpet, you don’t need a ultra grippy mat. On the opposite end, if the gym is covered in laminate, you will require a non-slip mat.

Lastly, there’s a special form of yoga called Hot Yoga. You will need a special mat if you’re taking these classes because hot yoga takes place in a very specific kind of environment. 

The temperature of the room where Hot Yoga classes are taking place is usually extremely high, so you should expect to sweat excessively. In this scenario, you will need a mat that not only provides you with a non-slip surface, but you’ll need a mat that wicks away moisture as well.

The Verdict

By now it should be obvious that there are so many yoga mats and yoga mat manufacturers out there that it could make your head spin. Due to the stiff competition, the brands are constantly introducing mats with newer technologies and features, so your choices are practically limitless.

However, that also means that picking up the right mat is a bit more difficult than before due to the oversaturated market. Be it as it may, we at Yoga For The New World have taken the liberty of selecting the 10 yoga mats we’ve deemed as best in their respective categories.

We hope you liked our selection and wish you all the luck in finding the yoga mat that’s perfect for you. Stay safe, folks!