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Why Men Do Yoga

Posted by on Jun 25, 2010

I am happy to see, lately, many more men showing up to my yoga classes.  Its a funny thing to observe though because yoga has been a predominantly male practice since 500 AD, at least in India and the surrounding areas where yoga spread.  As western culture embraces the ancient practice of yoga to a greater degree, the once female dominated class of several decades ago is, happily, becoming  a gender neutral practice.

Men can benefit from yoga in many of the same ways that women can – experience greater tranquility, more adaptive attitudes to life’s stresses and generally a greater sense of well being, not to mention the improved physique which comes from years of practice, but there are particular benefits I see men experiencing in my classes.

Many men suffer from a particularly stubborn tightness in the hips, hamstrings and shoulders, and this leads not only to injury in other sports, but as they progress in age, these once annoying issues can become much more pronounced, leading to arthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, and similar physical ailments.  I see men, instead, learning to pair strength training with yoga as a way to get stronger from a different angle and prevent injury.

One of my favorite recent students was a kicker for his high school football team and injured his groin (probably due to tight hamstrings and hips).  After just three months of consistent yoga practice, his groin injury began to heal, and his coach saw a new follow-through and strength in his kicking.  He not only improved his game, but learned a life-long lesson about caring for the body in a new way.  I’m happy knowing that even if he doesn’t stay consistent with his practice, he can return to it if he becomes injured again. He knows yoga healed his body and half his team knows it too. He brought many of his friends to class on numerous occasions and that knowledge of how to care for the body was passed on to them too. He also showed his football buddies that yoga wasn’t just for sissies. He found a new strength in letting go that was not present before when he tried to muscle his way through everything. I see this same awareness come to many men in my classes, and I know that this lesson would not come easily to them in many of the other sports (or vocations) they are involed in.

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