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Trimbakeshwar Temple – A Visit to Manifested Shanti

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013

Finding Peace And Honoring the Infinite

Finding Peace And Honoring the Infinite













“. . .In an ancient Sanskrit sloka, 12 different Shiva temples are referenced as holy places that compose the Jyotirlinga, or Temples of Lord Shankar. For those unfamiliar with Jyotirlinga, it is a sacred space that the essence of the Infinite can be worshipped, since most of us have a limited concept of the divine. These temples are spread across the country, from the sea to the river, in village towns and high in the mountains. When one visits each of these Jyotirlingas, it is thought that they are blessed with infinite blessings, a calm heart and peace beyond their current knowing. I was lucky enough to visit one of them on a recent trip, Trimbakeshwar Temple, located in Nasik.” READ MORE

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