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The Sun’s Magnetic Poles Are About to Shift

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013

The Light of the Milky WayThe sun’s magnetic poles shift about every eleven years. The last sun ‘flip’ happened in February of 2001. “This always happens around the time of solar maximum,” says David Hathaway, a solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center. “The magnetic poles exchange places at the peak of the sunspot cycle. In fact, it’s a good indication that Solar Max is really here.”

NASA scientists describe the magnetic shift which is about to happen any time now, “It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

This phenomenon, called a geomagnetic reversal or pole shift has been happening for centuries. It also happens on our own planet earth. We can observe the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal, occurred 780,000 years ago. However,a study published in 2012 by a group from the German Research Center for Geosciences suggests that a brief complete reversal occurred only 41,000 years ago during the last glacial period.

During times of magnetic shifts on the sun, an increase of solar flares is observable. Many believe that this increase in solar activity changes human consciousness. ‘M’ class solar flares are thought to have a direct effect on the human biology. These flares are like a conduit which charge particles from the Sun to change our own energetic fields. It is thought that the photons emitted into space from the sun directly impact our nervous systems, brains and surely our overall psycho-physiology. You can think of the shifting poles of the sun as a time of shifting your own consciousness. You may experience headaches, lethargy, emotional outbursts and other physical symptoms, but these are not much different from the symptoms of an ascending consciousness as you unearth deeply rooted lower vibrations and release them. Photonic energy is a much higher frequency than many of us are used to dancing with, so it takes some physical and emotional upheaval to meet this higher octave of awareness. The Universe herself is supporting us in our great transition to a more peaceful and loving state.

According to Michael Forrester from Prevent Disease and reposted on :

We are currently in the middle of a peak or solar maximum which has brought us more solar flares, CMEs, and geomagnetic storms. Historically, research has been conducted to link the 11 year cycle of the sun to changes in human behavior and society. A big event is about to happen on the sun which may assist in this process–the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip in just a few months.

The sun is a major source of visible light and energy on this planet. It represents all-pervading consciousness which animates all things providing us with what some believe to be unlimited energy. According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip. What are the cosmic and personal implications of this? It is not such a unique phenomenon, as it happens every eleven years. Still, every eleven years, shifts in human consciousness around this period seem to occur like clock work.

It happens at the peak of each solar cycle as the sun’s inner magnetic dynamo re-organizes itself. The coming reversal will mark the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24. Half of ‘Solar Max’ will be behind us, with half yet to come.

“It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

Hoeksema is the director of Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that monitor the sun’s polar magnetic fields. The poles are a herald of change. Just as Earth scientists watch our planet’s polar regions for signs of climate change, solar physicists do the same thing for the sun. Magnetograms at Wilcox have been tracking the sun’s polar magnetism since 1976, and they have recorded three grand reversals–with a fourth in the offing.

A reversal of the sun’s magnetic field is, literally, a big event. The domain of the sun’s magnetic influence (also known as the “heliosphere”) extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. Changes to the field’s polarity ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space.

When solar physicists talk about solar field reversals, their conversation often centers on the “current sheet.” The current sheet is a sprawling surface jutting outward from the sun’s equator where the sun’s slowly-rotating magnetic field induces an electrical current. The current itself is small, only one ten-billionth of an amp per square meter (0.0000000001 amps/m2), but there’s a lot of it: the amperage flows through a region 10,000 km thick and billions of kilometers wide. Electrically speaking, the entire heliosphere is organized around this enormous sheet.

Cosmic rays are also affected. These are high-energy particles accelerated to nearly light speed by supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy.

The sun recently unleashed three X-class solar flares which were the strongest flares of the year so far. They signaled a significant increase in solar storms now supported by continued activity.

Maximum Sunspot Activity Correlates
With Mass Human Excitability

Historically, research has been conducted to link the 11 year cycle of the sun to changes in human behavior and society. The most famous research was been done by professor A.L. Tchijevsky, a Russian scientist, who presented a paper to the American Meteorological Society at Philadelphia in the late 19th century. He prepared a study of the history of mass human movement compared to the solar cycle, beginning with the division of the Solar cycle into four parts: 1) Minimum sunspot activity; 2) increasing sunspot activity; 3) maximum sunspot activity; 4) Decreasing sunspot activity. He then divided up the agitation of mass human movements into five phases:

1) provoking influence of leaders upon masses
2) the “exciting” effect of emphasized ideas upon the masses
3) the velocity of incitability due to the presence of a single psychic center
4) the extensive areas covered by mass movements
5) Integration and individualization of the masses

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