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The Pyramid Mudra – Heal Your DNA

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012

There are thousands of mudras you can practice to change the psycho-energetic frequency of your body and mind, but the pyramid mudra is special. This mudra has a historical reference in ancient wisdom teachings from Egypt, and also in China, India and Tibet. The great pyramids were not built as tombs, although the royalty of the time was buried in many of them, but as spiritual initiation places based on the alignment of cosmic energies of the time. Ancient yogis also knew the benefits of mudra. They often held these hand positions in meditation as a means to connect their Divine consciousness with the Infinite, and to raise it from the mundane.

You may have noticed that the shape of the mudra looks like a pyramid and a heart, with the curvature of the lower fingers naturally lending itself to the universally known symbol of compassion. The middle finger is also connected to the heart chakra, or Anahata energy. When the two middle fingers touch, they allow a greater sense of expansion and connection to love. Ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices utilize the pyramid mudra along with essential oils as a means to practice spiritual alchemy – a means to purify the sheaths of the body, or the koshas according to Vedic yoga teachings. From a Taoist point of view, specifically the Cantong qi, the body can be understood be learning the five agents, or wu xing. As the practitioner becomes more familiar with wu xing (which are the same, essentially as the koshas), then they become more in alignment with the Tao. This is spiritual alchemy.

Just as in the ancient teachings of India, the body must be purified (saucha) in order to experience liberation from all that is not Tao, or the imagined sense that we are separate from the Divine.

In order to utilize the pyramid mudra effectively, to engage spiritual alchemy and cleanse the koshas or wu xing, we must sit with the breath while holding this mudra either over head or at the heart center. It acts as a quickening agent for the alchemical process when joined with the breath since the breath is the closest thing we know, at least while in our physical bodies, to infinity.  You can also add a mantra to heal and purify your DNA while you sit and breathe with this mudra in place.


  1. never knew about a mudra which can actually influence ur DNA.

  2. How long this Mudra to b e done ? Can this Mudra be done while doing initiated Shakthipath Meditation ?

  3. In Kundalini Yoga, this mudra is known as “the mudra which pleases the mind.” It is used as a powerful tool to assist in tranquilizing the mind, and Yogi Bhajan notes that the Buddha also taught it to his disciples for this same purpose.

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