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The New Democratization of Web Content, Why Yogis Need a Tip Jar

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011

If you picture an acetic with a long beard, roaming through the streets of Goa, Dharamsala, or the borders of Tibet, you often assume he has chosen to live free of material entrapment and to some degree you would be right. The truth is, he uses a begging bowl to eat, bathe and sleep. Though his spiritual aim may be high, his material needs are just as mundane as yours and mine. While I agree the world is replete with over-consumption and endless greed, we have an opportunity to take the billions we feed into corporate coffers every year and begin to disperse it more democratically. This is not my first blog about yoga and meditation, and while it is an act of love, keeping it going for more than three years now has, thus far, been an entirely charitable endeavor. 
Many bloggers feel as I do when they sigh a huge AMEN! to Peter Sunde’s lastest endeavor – a virtual tip jar that allows you to make the tiniest payment to blogs you like and receive benefit from. Its called Flattr, and though it will likely take time to take off, I think it is a brilliant way to put an affordable, charitable democratization of the net into the world’s hands. You can visit Flattr yourself and see what its all about, but it is a very noble way to give some credit to those who take the time and effort to share what they know with the world  – whether it is talking about yoga and meditation, in my case, or teaching people how to grow celery.  I’d pay a big tip to someone who could teach me how to save on my grocery bill or how to soder solar panels correctly. Information is power, and it shouldn’t be mass-marketed to people by corporations who hold the gold like an irate ruler of a serdom. 

For more information on who really controls what you read, check out this blog. Its eye-opening. In the meantime, if you have ever felt inspired by my site, please feel free to flattr me. 



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