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The Drum Pulse – Extraordinary Simplicity

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013

The simplicity of a drum beat.

The simplicity of a drum beat.

By Lourdes Ganczarski, BA, LMT, NMT, Guest Writer for Yoga for the New World

In today’s world of stress and technological advances I want to take this moment to stop and encourage you to go back to an extraordinary simplicity.  If you are looking for a way to calm your nerves, clear your mind, heal any issue, learn how to empty yourself of a toxic life or just to feel alive among many other things then get a hand drum.

This is the extraordinary simplicity, though old and in use for thousands of years in a diversity of cultures. It is still a powerful tool.  From a contemporary standpoint, this tool offers the means of experiencing a higher mode of being while embodied still in skin.

I consider it alive, vibrant. It insists on keeping pace and being known.  It is empty, it is full, it is a magical tool that can help with health and self-knowledge.  The drum partakes of the elements of nature (earth, water, fire, and air) through its material of construction, its vibration, and our touch.  It has the capability of weaving from our emotions, a tapestry of emotional signatures.  It is a master teacher.

How can it be that such a simple, hollow tube with skin spread out around a circular rim deserves such a high description?  Let us marvel in the details and qualities of sound when it is played.  The drum’s vibration and diversity of sounds creates a particular sensitivity when you place yourself in a position to learn and to receive. This is the moment when stopping the wheels of busyness can change your life.  It is not that you are going to become famous and play in Carnegie Hall.  If you do fantastic!!! But my approach to this instrument is more personal in nature.  I know the drum’s spiritual and therapeutic approach produces internal changes that can be noted and be perceived in you.

These changes relate to states of mind and states of being.  Change one and you will change the other.  Another way of saying this is change your mind and physiological changes in your body will follow.  Many have written about the benefits of drumming, like reducing anxiety and stress, reducing chronic pain, and helping to boost the immune system.  The list is extensive, but these are the results.    However, my approach in this brief essay is to take a more philosophical and meditative stance.  The idea is to by-pass the human mental tendency of fragmenting experience and give you an insight into a strange nature.  This strange “nature” is actually the one that can ultimately cause profound benefits.

The mind frame that always involves the individual in all kinds of activities is like a pin ball, going all over the place.  This mind set is the one that criticizes simplicity and play because it is ‘unproductive’.  As a result, we are always paying attention to time and its manifestation in the economic arena.  But what is time?  The spatial relationship of an invisible matrix-force that we equate with a material quantification of value?  They are not the same thing, not if we take a higher perspective from another plane of consciousness.  One is on another more expansive field of experience.

If time and the economy are tied and assigned a value it is only because of the strange system in place of our third dimension and the culture of sleep.  We cannot hold time by its tail and say we have it firmly in our grasp. It is the other way around – time owns us, time has us, we are its puppet, and it will diminish us until we learn to ride the wave of rhythm and step out of ourselves in a higher vibratory field.

The tentacles of time reach high, but we can reach higher into our own consciousness – into expansive heights, through drumming. It offers certain freedoms of psychological spatial mobility.   Through the concept of entrainment, which has to do with brain wave frequencies and synchronization, we are able to, in a way, upgrade our matrix of experience .  The drum has that capability. It can transport us into another realm.  The master teacher does that.  It is able to lead you into a bigger you by letting the smaller you, your personality, step out of the way momentarily.  In other words, you  are the stumbling block in your own Reality.

The drum is empty.  It is an empty hollowed tube but it gives much. One might say, “it does not own anything, then how can it give?”   In that sense it shares with the Void, the so called Ground of All Being, a very full “something”.   In the Void all things are possible, but once in manifestation limitations bind.  In contemporary terms once out of your true essence your soul, psyche, and body are trapped in its web.  The players are time and form.  There are forces in nature that do this and it is law.  I am not referring to manmade laws but cosmic ones.  We cannot eliminate their operation , but we can in a certain way, learn to grow into transcending  and incorporating  them into a new way of being.  In the same way we go through our education system and its division of grades, once we pass their requisite stages, we move on to higher levels.   The institutions are still there but we do not have to go through those stages anymore.

Now, concerning spiritual stages, this is not something that happens overnight.  It is an extensive journey into the Reality of the Self.  If we dismiss anything related to our spiritual growth and spend our energies in following the blind mind of time the result is that we become a conjugated verb.

Humanity has within an intrinsic need of liberation and freedom.  We are not meant to be in mental or physical cages, although some individuals do not belong anywhere else.  We might not know what it is in itself that needs to be liberated, or released, but we have a sort of an invisible GPS system that activates this restlessness and fire, and from a good perspective, this need is a call for transcendence.   The outcome and ultimate realization, for a lack of a better phrase, is that we are more than we think we are and we need to take a good look at our place in our universe.

Our physical reality is also a type of universe. Location is everything – for it will dictate what is limiting our existential freedom.  Cubes are hard to bare.  They box you in. As a tool of expansion into a bigger awareness our master teacher (our drum) is still with us and speaks of its skin as our own.  It’s material organic parts resonate, and were once alive.  As for us, our skin, being the largest organ in the body, is presently alive to sense and feel our external world.

I have noticed  that in the same way some  people are afraid of touch, and while we can be touched in healthy ways,  people are similarly afraid of touching the drum.  We are meant to be touched as we are alive, warmth requires that. Why wait until the pathologist handles us with care or un care.  Then it will not matter!!!!

It is true that some approach the drum with fear.  The intrinsic fear is the self-consciousness of failure, criticism, or the ridicule of being looked at as childish in nature.   The fear stems from our need to prove our self importance.  The fear of the drum is the fear of our own skin, of our own inner depths, of our own dark dungeons and secret passages.  The truth is – we are a walking mythological encyclopedia waiting to see the light. 

How much is disguised in the fear of touch?   We touch all right! But not with the sensitivities of discovering a quality in the Other.  It is all about quantities, possession, conquering,  expenditure, abuses,. . . After all, we live in a fast food, trade up, trash out world, so what’s next?

Ultimately we are the living drum. We carry the beat in the heart. Our ribs are also like tuning forks that resonate to high heaven.   The pulse of the universe is in us.  Our being is the rhythm of time and universe.  We do not possess it. We are it.  The same idea is true of  breath. We do not possess it, we are it. In time, we move in extensions and in contractions. In waves that extend to reach and in waves that recoil back, a return and receive flow that is perfectly orchestrated.

All this happens because there is an inviolable point of stillness somewhere that holds these principles together. Without this, the extension and contraction does not happen, the pulse goes nowhere.  This stillness is what calibrates the pulse of life. In the drum’s pulse you find it. It is in the invisible spaces of the rhythm.  It is between beats that the quality of the vibration changes too, but you have to catch it.  This is goodness of feeling, awe of life.  The quality, although not seen, is felt in the emptiness before the sounding beat.

You will become aware of a difference in your environment too.  All of a sudden you are in the zone. On the other hand, if you are not able to get a grip on your monkey mind, the one that loves to fragment experience and drive you crazy, you lose the simplicity of the drum and its teachings. You will not sustain it.  It is another state of mind that makes you aware of this, but one that is far from the monkey mind.  This is what I want to teach you about drumming. You need to stay empty of expectations so that the ride of your life that is waiting to happen can show itself to you. It is awareness.  When it shows up time can extend or slow down or you might experience a journey to another place.  The mind of time does not understand this.  It will immediately take over with its habits and suggestions that you believe represent you in the world, but it represents itself.   You might not have a clue you have a tenant “upstairs” in charge of you.  The tenant is this mind that lives and thrives in restlessness and charades.  This is its nature.  This is a hard truth to bear, that you are really not in charge!!  The master teacher might surprise you with this revelation, that is,  if it does not make you jump up in awe when you get it.  That the master teacher, with its emptiness, and  voice ta, ta, ta, dum, dum, dum dumdum can reveal such things as a miracle.  Once discovered in its true nature can it be changed?  I would say the solution is a high dose of awareness.  In itself it cannot and it will not want to in the same way you cannot change a tiger into a poodle.  Natures can only change when they are transcended, and raised in vibration!!!! It is a mistake to believe you can tame a wild thing, a natural thing, into an obedient pet.  It could get you killed. Lack of awareness and discrimination is lethal.  Thus, awareness and thoughts are not the same thing.  Thoughts happen when you lose awareness and the rest – true consciousness – follows.

Welcome to history!!!,. Oh what an elusive bird awareness is..!!

The master teacher says:

“ When you get to know my pulse and observe it without judgment, when you stay with my beat and keep it with your heart , I will show you all kinds of things you have not noticed before. These things can come to your attention via your senses, but from a higher place of reference. Only if you can sustain your observation while you drum me without engaging in mental chit chat, a strange nature will surface. If you do not sustain my pulse and expectation the magic is gone and flesh and bone is all you will know. Once again you will be in the zig zag pendulum of past and future, this time a compound verb conjugation.”

Find yourself a drum and sit with it without distractions.  There are plenty in the market.  Use your hands to practice playing some beats in any way you want and listen to its voice.  Play it.  Improvise without shame. You have a voice in your fingers, not just nails and that include meridian connections.  Experiment with it while listening from your heart.  Get rid of distracting electronic gadgets even if for many minutes, and just sit, use your hands, warm up the fingers and palms and pay attention to how your hands, legs, back, head, and the rest of the body feels once the fidgeting, rash, cough, itch,  need to call someone, need to go to the bath room, answer to a call from someone at the door,  the cat and dog are in a fight, the children’s crying stops…it is called Murphy’s Law.  As  soon as you want to do something all hell breaks loose.  I know I have been there.

What you need now is persistence and strength to follow through and meet yourself.  When you tap ta, ta, ta, dum dum dududududu dum the drum, get out of your head into your body and feel.  Make sure you breathe!!!  If intellect has blinded you to feeling and you are numbed from the neck down , this is a good way to wake up to the reality that you are embodied in a marvel that includes feeling and sense not just intellect.

Everything that makes up your being has a higher purpose.  It is consciousness in flesh.  Step out of oblivion. Get out of the zombie-like mentality.

Last but not least, if there is resonance in the drumming (you are getting it, feeling it, you are in the zone) experience the ride the rhythm and become it.   It is no longer out there but activated in you. You will feel it in your limbs, in your body, especially the heart, in your feelings of joy, and in your sense of being alive. This is life force liberated from the siege of intellect and its divisive habits.  You might even get some healing along the way.  For certain, this extraordinary simplicity is health to your physical body, mental attitudes and soul.  This is so because with your ego out of the way, you can experience, even if briefly, a sense of stillness, of quiet, of peace, of letting go.  You will discover a secret living in you, namely, another type of consciousness.   Remember stillness is what calibrates life and health and ultimately sanity in the world of chaos. The extraordinary simplicity of playing on a drum can pave the way to experience that higher consciousness you seek.

About the Author

Lourdes Ganczarski, BA, LMT, NMT. Lourdes is a graduate of various massage schools in TX.  Her Somatic practice is holistic as well as her worldview, with an emphasis on women wellness, health, and transformation.   Clients benefit and receive therapeutic treatment for pain and its management through the skills acquired culturally, by tradition, and her supplemental health education received in the US.

Lourdes has a background in psychology and has devoted a lifetime learning about mysticism, ancient traditions, and alternative healing arts.  She practices yoga and has a background in martial arts so she incorporates form and movement in her approach to massage and body work.  Her sessions bring a healthier state to the body and mind.  They also awaken an inner awareness in the somatic processes.   In her practice she can incorporate trigger point therapy, myosfacial release, emotional release bodywork, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, sound therapy and others .  Additionally she can use  guided imagery, visualization, breathing techniques,  self-care home exercises, spiritual cleansings and intuitive counseling . She also practices drumming and can include it as part of auric cleansings and shamanic work.  You can contact her at  or via cell at 972 922-1001.
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