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Table of Transformation: Kundalini Awakening Systems 1

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012

Kundalini Yoga Mandala

Guest Writer, Chrism for Yoga for the New World

Orange or other colored robes, books and doctrines of behavior are often associated with certain rules and regulations of religions and belief systems.
These offer and sometimes insist on specific guidelines for spiritual instruction. With the Kundalini there is no respect for or disrespect for these systems or guidelines. Kundalini has its own agenda for each person and is unique for each person and does what it will do without regard for human ego based systems of control. Kundalini does what is determined is in the best interests for the personal Kundalini infusion and process of an individual. This includes Karma and or the many tests that we will often go through as we walk and are walked on by this path.No earthly values of a society or of spirituality are given control over the Kundalini. The Kundalini will often cover itself and represent itself, through its grace, within a certain belief system for the benefit of a person within the transformation but this in no way is a guarantee of any kind of commitment that Kundalini has for any single belief system. The main component with the Kundalini is the surrender of everything and or about the person to the Kundalini. Everything of a human nature gets placed on the table of transformation. Every cherished principle and action, thought and behavior, possession and attachment is given into the Kundalini agenda.

I have surrendered completely to the Kundalini in me for years and years now. It teaches others through me. What this means is that I have become a physical extension of this divine force and I will do as I am given to do for the benefit of an individual within the context of the Kundalini transformation. This can take me away from the shared beliefs and accepted standards of conduct that are associated with any kind of teacher and certainly from what we would expect from a spiritual teacher.

The First Lesson is Surrender.

I teach the total and complete immersion into the surrender of every aspect of a human being to the Kundalini both in myself and in the person. This is a very, very, very challenging teaching platform. This can only be done with the informed consent and permission of the individual being taught and only for the service and surrender of the Kundalini in them.These teachings can cover a wide area of phenomena and activity some of which are:Kriyas   Migrating cranial plates   Severe internal temperature variations   Entities   DreamsAwake and hypnogogic visions   Spiritual energetic aggression   ET   Fear Testing

Physical organ hypo and hyper response   Telepathy   Clairvoyance   Clair-audience

Psycho kinetics   Healing   Energetic Amplification   Out of body experiences   Meditation

Physiological specific strengthening   Power praying   Mental reception   S&xual clearing

Ego psychological clearing   Mind alteration   Tantra   Prana Feeding   Ahimsa      Karma

Kundalini Dietary Standards   Kundalini Rituals   Love   Kundalini Grace   Emotional Clearing

Head Pressures   Ear Pressures   Hormonal transformation   Hygiene   Comfort

Kundalini Temperature Testing   Siddhic Expressions

This is a broad palate of communication and teaching that is given and those qualities that I have mentioned are only the beginning. Many come in various combination and groupings characterized by how that individual is being given teachings from the Kundalini.

Many of these teachings would strain accepted ethical boundaries yet if they are called for they will be given. They are given with love and care but they are given. All with the informed permission of the student. I will do as I am given to do by the Kundalini grace within me. No intentional harm will ever be given and yet some strong and difficult changes will be made. Sometimes these changes are quite challenging as the ego can reject any kind of interference in its control over the actions, expectations, emotions and agenda of a person. These teachings are only within the private, one to one, student context. They are unique for each individual and are framed within the grace and divine expression of the Kundalini.  © chrism 2012

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