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Organic Living Instead of Excessive Want

Posted by on Jun 29, 2010

The critical problems that we face today are no surprise or secret.  Many experts predicted them; they were the subject of best selling books in 1948.

The reason that we suffer these problems now is because we still don’t know how to increase the health of our Living Planet along with our personal, social and environmental well-being. 

Excellent ideas have been offered to improve the wellness of Mother Earth and ourselves.  What has continually been missing is an effective means to implement these ideas.

The heart of our problem is that excessive Industrial profiteering stresses us into imbalance so we continually want.  This produces an addiction to questionable technologies and relationships that disturb our thinking.  We can’t find fulfillment. We can’t stop injuring the environment and ourselves, even when it makes sense to stop, even when it feels right to stop.

An environmentally connected anti-addiction tool, Applied Ecopsychology, has been created. It helps sensory contacts with nature’s healing powers bring us into balance.  It enables our joy of greater well-being to replace our destructive attachments and remedy the environmental and human disorders that they cause.

You can help this tool contribute to Earth’s and our welfare by letting people learn the process of educating, counseling and healing with nature.  It is located at
Please encourage your friends and associates to sign our online petition to the United Nations for the health and wellness of all species.

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