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Learning to Move Through Stuck Energy

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011

Anyone who told you that a journey through yoga and meditation would be an easy one. . .lied. It isn’t that these practices are not profoundly healing and absolutely life changing.  They are. The changes I’ve experienced in my own life due to my practice of being quiet and moving mindfully, concentrating on breath, changing to a healthier, yogic diet, and trying to live by Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas are numerous, and sometimes even shocking. As the layers of ego are first gently nudged, and then shredded to oblivion, your mind and heart will do some interesting (to put it mildly) things to keep you stuck in old patterns.  These patterns may not be serving you anymore, but they are comfortable. I am reminded of my husband’s favorite blanket. It rarely ends up in the wash.  He even comments that it has ‘super powers’ the longer it goes between cleanings. I think our egos are similar. If they can hold on to the last bits of untruth that allow our current perspective to continue, then they will. 

Sometimes the egoic mind goes gently, and easily, and sometimes it fights tooth and nail to the bitter end. No matter how many times you’ve gone through an ‘energetic upgrade,’ feeling those pangs of change, only to come out all rosy and shiny new on the other end, it is usually a pretty messy process.  Since we all could use some help in these challenging times, learning how to move through stuck energy, I offer the following tips to help ease the more challenging moments of spiritual, physical and mental evolution:

  • Drink  more water. Not only does this improve your pH level to a less acidic one, but it also helps to flush out toxins and fats which store the “old you.” if you’ve heard the Gwen Stefani and Andre 3000 song, “Upgrade Computer,” you may know that this applies not just to our mental attitudes, but also to our physical form.
  • Do yoga but slow it down when you are feeling fried. The reason there are different types of yoga is that we need varying levels of physical activity depending on what we are energetically digesting at any one moment in time. If you are already feeling depleted, then opt for a slower class, or a restorative session instead of power yoga.
  • Increase the green leafy vegetables. You need more nutrients when you are going through an energetic shift. Give your body what it needs.
  • Sleep more when you need to. Don’t feel guilty about this. If you need a day to be lazy- take it.
  • Stay active.  Walk. Breathe. Swim, Dance, and Sing. Slow down when you need to, but when energy returns, keep moving.  It helps stagnant energy get unstuck.
  • If you are having strange dreams at night, this can be a sign of processing stuff that you could never understand on a conscious level, and probably wouldn’t want to.  It stays at a subconscious level for a reason. If you like to remember your dreams, then write them down upon waking – you can keep a pad and pen right next to the bed, but don’t get too caught up in intellectually understanding their meaning. Processing deep stuff can be very colorful, to say the least.
  • Use energy work like massage, acupuncture, rain drop therapy, body work, cranial sacral therapy and rolfing as much as you can afford. Listen to your gut feeling. If a practitioner makes you feel freer when you leave, then continue with them.  If you get any sort of strange feeling from their energy work with you, find someone else. They may not be able to keep their own energy separate from yours.
  • Overall, be kind to yourself and find time for peaceful reflection, or meditation. If you don’t have a full hour, five minutes is better than not doing it at all.


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