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Kundalini Awakening 101

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012

Kundalini Awakening & Spiritual Evolution

Many sadhus (students of kundalini yoga) desire a kundalini awakening. With much time and effort this can be achieved, although sometimes awakenings spontaneously occur when a practitioner has enough ‘merit’ from previous lifetimes or a state of physiological and karmic purity, which facilitates an awakening without the need for kundalini practices as outlined in kundalini yoga. It is all a question of Pranic energy which is the subtle force behind all other types of energy:including light, heat, magnetic and (bio) electric energy.

Although a kundalini awakening is advantageous, it does not always come without side effects, or discomfort. Especially, when the physical vessel is not purified, a kundalini awakening can cause symptoms (known as kundalini syndrome) such as:

  • Heat or tingling (especially on the left side of the body)
  • Abnormal sleep
  • Restlessness
  • Emotional Upheaval
  • A feeling of floating or weightlessness
  • Spontaneous mudras or kriyas which seem to happen as if directed by someone other than the practitioner
  • Jerking of muscles or body parts
  • Extreme sexual arousal
  • Cold sweats
  • Spiritual insights which seem like voices or visions which can be disturbing for those who have not been prepared for the possibility of seeing them and how to interpret them

Although these symptoms can occur, it should not deter a practitioner from enthusiastically committing to kriyas, mudras, bandhas, pranayama, meditation, and other forms of kundalini yoga. If the symptoms persist or become so bothersome that you cannot carry on with life’s demands, then you should try to rest and sit quietly until they pass, or temporarily suspend your practice. If; however, you practice kundalini yoga consistently and persistently, you will find that it naturally prepares the nervous system and subtle bodies to handle the increased energy which begins to flood the body once Kundalini Shakti is awakened and set free from the Mooladhara chakra. It is only when there are excessive bocks in the physical and etheric bodies that the kundalini energy has trouble flowing in a complete loop through Sushumna.

Most kundalini practices facilitate a kundalini awakening that is very pleasant. To paraphrase the modern writer, Anais Nin, most people ascend slowly and meticulously, like piecing together a very laborious mosaic. It rarely happens all at once. Spontaneous awakenings have been documented, and even thought to have been caused by such simple activities as riding in a car for an extended time and awakening kundalini energy with the vibrations of the vehicle, or during certain practices of Tantric sex.

This is usually not the case with a kundalini awakening. The more energy your physical body and spiritual bodies can hold, the more your consciousness is able to unfold to new heights. For instance, many people experience the sudden loss of desire to take part in actions that previously caused them or others harm, such as drinking excessively or smoking. Some people experience the healing of age old emotional wounds without having to see a psychologist for hundreds of hours of counseling, or they finally become willing to look at their deepest selves through a more ‘traditional’ method of self-introspection in order to heal themselves, whereas before they would not think of it. Still others experience greater moments of bliss, a heightened state of awareness, and more frequent serendipitous events. Since everyone has different energetic blocks to remove or clear in order to have a fully enlightened body and mind, each person will experience a kundalini awakening differently. Just as Jesus arrived at an enlightened state on a different path as Buddha and Walt Whitman arrived at elevated consciousness differently than Shakespeare, there is no question that these individuals are operating on a completely different level of consciousness, and therefore experienced either a partial or full kundalini awakening in their lifetimes.

As environmental support for kundalini awakening rises (such as solar flairs, the placement of the planet in a galactically charged place in the universe, the collective energy pattern of people on the planet rises, etc.) more people will experience both spontaneous and gradual awakenings. People are also becoming fervently agreeable to different types of yoga, and alternative methods of healing the body/mind/spirit, and purifying the physical vessel, and thus it becomes easier for Kundalini Shakti to rise. Instead of focusing on a kundalini awakening, per se, individuals can focus on meditation, yoga and other forms of spiritual practice in order to prepare the body for what the ancients called Nirvana, and allow it to happen organically. It is, after all, our natural state.

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