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Imagine Getting All You Need From the Cosmos

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012

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Could you exist on a few pieces of fruit, and a small glass of water every day and feel fully, essentially alive? Advanced yogis and arhats have been learning to live on less for centuries. While development of siddhis, or special powers, are not the true aim of a yogic path, they are the amazing by-product of clearing the body of all samskaras, and allowing the subtle energy of a realized being to shine forth in its complete light.

In the pranic Vidya teachings, one can learn to control the urgings of hunger and thirst, and instead vitalize the body, and all its organs with the etheric or pranic energy of the sun and air all around us. Yogi Prahlad Jani has gone through extensive testing through the Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences in India that concluded he did not eat or drink anything for over 15 days. He was under surveillance by three 24-hour video cameras and several dozen scientists. Doctors found no adverse effects, including dehydration, in his body. The yogi claims to have not eaten or had any water since childhood, and although the testing concluded he indeed ate nothing for 15 days, some people are still skeptical that such amazing feats are possible. How can you be healthy and still have a sharp mind if you don’t eat?

Yogi Prahlad Conquers Hunger & Thirst

Buddhist yogic teachings offer that after a practitioner achieves a certain degree of realization, spiritual power ensues. A person at the level of an Arhat is said to possess six supernatural powers. These powers are manifested through enlightenment, and it is acknowledged that anyone who cultivates spiritual realization will discover these super-normal powers.

The siddhis developed through spiritual practices like fasting, meditation, yoga asana, and pranayama are actually much more than this ability to sustain a vital human body without traditional sustenance. All teachings, regardless of their origin teach that development of the siddhis is not the goal; and can even be a distraction, to full realization. The only true goal is the development of eternal Love. . . “the liberated sat yogi functioning as healer, the archetype of the avatar is realized as the pure and simple truth. The healing energy that the atmanologist transmits is that of supreme love, joy, wisdom, and infinite potential, free of all limitations. The energy field in which the client recognizes this Reality through an agapeic transference, or shakti transmission, becomes a realm of the miraculous, or “love minus zero: no limits,” to use the title of a song by Bob Dylan.”

With this being acknowledged, there are yogis who can walk through fire, and walk on water, and still others have developed clairaudience and clairsentience, as well as the ability to translocate. Some extremely advanced practitioners have even learned how to avoid the cycles of life and death. The siddhis abound. (Patanjali actually refers to the ability to master the fire element in the Yoga Sutras). When we attain the perfect resonance with the One, we are all things, so we can transmute ‘normal’ physical laws. Occult powers were not meant for stoking the egoic fires, but of diminishing them further, and to use said powers for the attainment of peace. There are said to be seven types of siddhis, you can read further about, but the biggest attainment of all is Love.

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