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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012

We Are All a Little Crazy: Getting Past the Imbalance of the First Chakra
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In a world where we need money to pay for food, shelter, transportation, and more, it does seem a little crazy that we work ourselves into an early grave just trying to live on a daily basis. This isn’t the only way to exist, though, and yogic wisdom points to the chakra system as a way of understanding our most basic needs and how to live beyond our ‘root’ requirements.

The root chakra, also called Mooladhara in Sanskrit, is the lowest of the energetic vortices in our bodies, but it is not without great importance. The root chakra or grounding chakra connects us to the planet at the most basic levels. It is what keeps us connected to a child-like innocence that most of us have lost through a lifetime of conditioning, (i.e. being reprogrammed by the matrix). This innocence is the same force which connects animals to their instinct in nature – what allows them to forage for food, find shelter, and listen to subtle aromas in the air or feel the wind shift in order to foresee weather patterns. They do all of these things instinctively, with great innocence and reliance on the Great Mother, Gaia. It is unfortunate but our modern lifestyles, those of being ‘chained’ to technology, spending less and less time in nature and listening to our own innate wisdom and innocence that disconnects us from a balanced root chakra energy.

Mooladhara chakra also governs the eventual release of kundalini shakti – an important latent energy which can one day rise to permeate the pineal gland in the brain (Ajna chakra) and give way to full-fledged enlightenment. If root chakra energy is never released and balanced through the higher chakras, then we stay stuck acting like animals – or in the case of the modern insanity we all seem to be suffering from – a fate worse than the animals, because even our innocence is lost. It is no mistake that our connection to the earth is ‘off.’ Our root chakra imbalance as a collective is evidenced in the way we treat our foundation – the very planet we must rely upon in order to maintain sustenance from the most primary, elemental levels. We pollute the ground, the water, the food, etc. We dump toxins in a system that could nourish us to such an overabundant degree that we would never, one of us, starve. Instead we have famine and disease. It is pure insanity.

Since we have such sickness in our root chakra energy as a planet, though it is changing, certainly, and many people of higher consciousness are working to cure the planetary chakras as we work to cure our own (they are completely intertwined with one another), we have root chakra problems in our personal lives. We simply cannot stand firmly on our own ground and reach for higher levels of spiritual awareness while this chakra is so imbalanced. A healthy and balanced root chakra results in prosperity (for all, not 1 or 2%, as that is also sickness – think of cancer cells or parasitic organisms). A healthy and balanced root chakra also results in health. The Gershon Therapy, Ayuverdic Science and countless yoga gurus have already proven what dynamic and shocking health someone can enjoy just by eating a vegetarian diet – that is one which relies primarily on the organic and non-polluted energy output of a healthy earth.

What the Dalai Lama refers to in his quote above is the sheer madness of operating from a depleted first chakra – we starve to live and live to starve, then die too soon. It is completely crazy and completely unnecessary. Instead of disassociating from nature, we need to spend as much time in it as possible, to start to connect with the prosperity and health which lies dormant within it. Healing the first chakra, and encouraging the Kundalini Shakti to rise to higher chakras starts with this.

Here are other tell-tale signs of a diseased or imbalanced first chakra, and the cures for each:

  • Obsession with material gain – hoarding – the way to cure this is called aparigraha in yogic wisdom teachings, it is the reverse of hoarding – and means non-covetousness. The paradox is that the more you let go, the more you gain. The more prosperous you truly become.
  • Fear and anxiety without a true basis in reality – meditation can help to calm the nervous system and get rid of an over-active fight-or-flight response which is the root cause of the anxiety.
  • Restlessness, or lethargy. Both of these are caused by an unwillingness to ground yourself. This can be accomplished with grounding asana like Virasana or actually sitting on the earth under a tree or standing with your feet firmly planted in earth.
  • Workaholism – this goes back to a feeling of need, of feeling like you must work yourself to ‘death’ in order to live. It comes from a place of lack instead of truly feeling provided for and nurtured by mother earth. Love her and she will love you back. This is one of our greatest lessons right now as a planet.
  • Obesity – we are a nation of fat people starving to death. As we dine on nutrient poor food, we get fatter and fatter. As we consume toxins instead of phytonutrients and important minerals, and vitamins, we are killing ourselves with a slow and painful form of mass suicide. It must stop. GMO and other genetically modified foods, packaged foods, foods high in fat and refined sugar, all lower our metabolic rate and our life force. Our pranic energy not only stalls out at the first chakra, but cannot lift us up into higher levels of spiritual experience because we are barely living on a physical level. We can change this horrid – and yes crazy – condition by eating organic fruits and vegetables, cleaning out our livers from the toxins we have ingested over a lifetime and demanding that toxins created by modern society are removed safely from our environment.
  • Difficulty manifesting – this can be cured with releasing stuck or stagnant energy from the first chakra through yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, honoring the planet, and repeating a beeja or ‘root’ syllable mantra, “lam” or “e” in the key of C as a means of vibrationally healing the root energy. There are some great chakra healing sounds at Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith’s website, here.

When we start to heal the primary chakra, Mooladhara, we can then focus on higher and higher levels of experience. Just like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we can begin to take food and shelter for granted, as it is supplied in a balanced and prosperous way, and begin to focus on relationships with one another. Until we address this core issue, for ourselves and for our planet, we cannot ever consider addressing problems like war and political instability. No paradisical world can be built on an unsteady foundation.

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