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Jala Neti – Nasal Irrigation

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The purpose of this educational article is to de-mystify the yoga cleansing technique of Jala Neti (also called neti or Jalaneti). This is just an age old practice of sinus irrigation. While it is of natural interest to yoga practitioners, this technique is especially suited to the ‘common’ man for its positive effects on sinus infections, allergies, headaches and even stress. Today, millions of peop Read More

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Yoga in NepalAuthor: amar b shrestha Some years back, I was in Lonavala, an idyllic location between Mumbai and Pune, participating in a ten days long retreat program for executives. The program included a daily morning schedule of yoga under the guidance of a sage like guru, long beard, et al. The exercises started at 5 AM sharp and lasted for about one and a half hours each day. Used as I am to more rigorous fo Read More

Give Activists in Egypt the Voice They Deserve

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Environmental News Feed

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World Sound Healing Day

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Made Easy February 14, 2011Dear Sound Friends:In order to clarify the Feb. 14th time and activities ofWorld Sound Healing Day here is a summary of the event.For more information you can always go to 1). On Feb. 14th, at 11 AM EST, we invite you to come to for a very special hour long World Sound Healing Day presentation with Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman. This li Read More